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Planning Your Scrapbook Cabinets

There are as many methods to organize your storage space book resources as there are scrapbookers. The key factor to keep in mind is that the better structured you are, the faster you'll be able to access your components, and the easier it will be to finish your webpages using the items you love. Here are just a few methods to sort your components to keep them on-hand and available for your next big perform of art:

1. By producer. If you publish online frequently, or if you publish your storage space book templates for book, you may want to consider organizing your resources according to producer. This strategy allows you to easily keep a record of items so you can create precise, finish components details. Recommendations for storage: Buy Eye containers (they run around $5-10 at art shops, where they're consistently on sale) and devote one to each producer. Or you can buy Sterilite or Rubbermaid storage space and use a cabinet for each producer.

2. By item kind. This is probably the most common way to organize your resources. All lace is saved together, all designed document gets its specific identify, and all control buttons are located together. The advantage is that you can see your entire selection of a particular kind of item or decoration at once. The drawback is that you can't always remember which producer created which kaira or key, so if you need a re-fill or want to make a components list, you must depend on your storage space.

3. By shade. A new pattern in scrapbooking supply company, thanks to storage space book celebrity Stacy Julian, is to organize your components by shade. While many people have long structured their material and designed document according to R-O-Y-G-B-I-V order, organizing your small elaborations by their hue is a relatively new idea. Stacy, who has put together a sequence of video clips on the subject, says she discovers it very relieving to take out her green bin or red bin and see all the appropriate resources, from decals to brands to pencils, in one identify.

4. By kit. If you are a fan of per month scrapbooking packages, or if you like to put your own packages together with resources you've bought individually, kit company may be the way to go. Instead of searching through all your items when you're ready to storage space book, you just take out a pre-made kit, get some images, and get to perform. Kits can be saved in large computer file files, art bins, or oversize Zip-Loc hand bags.

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